• Varied ranges upto 12m Length

• Applications like turning, drilling, machining and pressed components

Scraper type Chip Conveyors

Here scrapers are used to scrape the chips from the bottom of the conveyor, push them to the top of it & make them fall into a chip bin, thus separating them from the dirty coolant. These are used to separate steel or cast iron chips with more of flakes & less of tough coils.

Scraper type Chip Conveyors with Rotary Drum

This conveyor is generally used to filter Aluminium, Cast Iron or Small Steel or chips or particles from the coolant or oil. The floating chips are made to settle down inside the conveyor by making the coolant pass through a rotary drum ( OD to ID ) wound with filter mesh, wherein the chips get arrested and only the clean coolant comes out. As the coolant level goes down, the chips settle down & the scrapers scrape the chips to the top & make them fall into the chip trolley. Here the chips are not only separated, but even the coolant is also filtered upto a level of 150 to 200 microns.

Slat chip conveyors

This design of chip conveyor is used to separate coiled chips from coolant or Oil. The coiled chips are carried away by the slat belt that moves up & makes the chips fall into the chip bin.

Magnetic chip conveyors

This conveyor finds its application in separating small ferrous chips from coolant or Oil. There is a polished SS top surface on which the coolant with chips falls. Below this surface a magnetic belt moves. As the magnetic belt moves up, the chips also move up & fall into the chip bin